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Thursday, May 20, 2010

i took it from mika blog

a vid.
tgk dari blog mika dkt sini..
i read the sory..and i cried.
so sad..
teringt dekat kucing yg ari tuh kena langgar dgn kte myvi/viva putih.
baca sini untk tw..
teringt yg dekat tmpt blkg keta tuh..aku nges untk kucing tuh.
femly aku yg jrg tgk aku nges...
dpt dgr aku nges mlm tuh.
and now..aku nges lagi.
the melody is so sad..
amat2 sedih.
aku..betul2 mendalami melody tuh..
sian kucing tuh.

dekat blog mika dh ade,tpi aku letak  jugak dkt aku.
sorry mika,ambk vid yg awk letak..

The Lonely Cat:
A stray cat, in the streets, shivering because of the cold night dreaming for a place to live. He was lonely all his entire life, the cat never saw his family or the owner that took care of him when he was still a kitten. He was wondering through the streets looking for a place to stay but he can never find one. He had a cold because of the cold night, he was in a corner of a street just watching people walk by. When he was nearly dead, someone saved him, but it was too late...

comment from someone who watch the vid : Somehow I feel this song in my heart, not in my ears like other songs. This song seems to tug at your very heart, making you want to cry out about all your sadness and sorrow. And at the very end, the song seems to become hopeful...and then ends......

aku nges lg skli bce cmment nieh coz its so true...

dgr lah yg laen jugak..

tuh yg laen aku dengar yg memang sedih.
sad aria..
dua nieh yg aku dgr blh membangkit kan rasa sedih..


~Mika Darkness~ said...

i was crying... ;;;oAo;;;

teha said...

eka : me too...